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Our Practical Math first course is on the track !


We are very pleased to announce you our forthcoming first course of Practical Math.

It will be about the numbers and there operations. The numbers will be of progressively more and more advanced type.

These are the following, in that order:

  •     The positive integers to count
  •     The natural integers with 0, which we know on that blog that it is an important number
  •     The relative integers with the negative numbers, introduced by the subtraction
  •     The rational...
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A free version of Scilab course

You wish to know more about mathedu's Scilab corse before you buy it?

Get the free version, Scilab for Beginners, you will have the basics of Scilab.

You will know how to use Scilab as a high level calculator, which globally manages matrices, vectors and scalars.

Do not hesitate, it is free of engagement!

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New forum! Write about your math experience.

We have a new forum page. The current subject is for those of you that encountered difficulties in learning math during their education.

We are preparing a long series of math courses with a totally new approach. Hint: it will revolve around numerical applications. For this reason, we would like to hear what went wrong with your math education (if it did).

Speak and your voice will be heard!


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Scilab course on black friday sale at Udemy!

Now 10$ only, grab it at Udemy! Great opportunity!


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Scilab for Engineers and Scientists: 50% off

Scilab for Engineers and Scientists is THE course to learn the scientific computing software Scilab. And with the MATHEDU coupon, you will have it for half price! Take it NOW!

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Our first course is on line!

Hello, I am Fabienne, the President of Mathedu, and also the creatress of the courses… with the support of my General Manager François.

We are happy to annouce the launch of our first course. For the pilot, we choosed not to teach directly math, but to introduce you to Scilab, the scientific computing software that will help us to pratice math.

The course is titled "Scilab for Engineers ...

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Welcome to Mathedu

Hi! I am François, the General Manager of Mathedu. We are very excited here because our very first course will be ready in a few days, and, hopefully, online not very long after!

So keep in touch and you should get news soon....

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