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Our Practical Math first course is on the track !

Our Practical Math first course is on the track !


We are very pleased to announce you our forthcoming first course of Practical Math.

It will be about the numbers and there operations. The numbers will be of progressively more and more advanced type.

These are the following, in that order:

  •     The positive integers to count
  •     The natural integers with 0, which we know on that blog that it is an important number
  •     The relative integers with the negative numbers, introduced by the subtraction
  •     The rational numbers, that are the fractions, introduced by the division

The decimal numbers will be presented with the rational numbers.

And what about the real numbers?

We do not forget the real numbers, but you will have to be a little more patient, because they will arrive in our second course.

This is because we decided to be progressive… and to propose a whole series of courses.

But don't worry, you will become a math addict with our progressive practical approach.

Our first course will follow this approach and will be quite easy to understand yet guiding you on the path of real and serious mathematics.

It will be online by the end of November… 2015 of course.

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