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Our Practical Math first course is on the track !


We are very pleased to announce you our forthcoming first course of Practical Math.

It will be about the numbers and there operations. The numbers will be of progressively more and more advanced type.

These are the following, in that order:

  •     The positive integers to count
  •     The natural integers with 0, which we know on that blog that it is an important number
  •     The relative integers with the negative numbers, introduced by the subtraction
  •     The rational...
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Decimal Metric Systems… and Time Measurement as an Exception

Because we have 10 fingers, the numeration we use is with 10 basis: units, tenth, hundreds, thousands and so on.

And because we count in 10 basis, the International standards for measurement of distance, weight and so on are decimal metric systems.

This means that the different units of distance, for instance, are deduced from one another by a multiplication or division of a power of 10: 10 multiplied by itself a given number of times.

For instance, 1 kilometer is 1,000 meters and...

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