Learn math by practice
The section 2 our our first math course is about the natural integers, the numbers we use to count with, but starting with 0 instead of 1.
Lecture 2: About Counting
We start the course about the numbers with counting on our fingers.
Then we count marbles to introduce the decimal numeration system.
Lecture 3: Counting further and adding integers
We count further with the computer, showing a Scilab session.
Then we introduce bigger numbers with the exponential notation.
We rely on the examples of population count and of votes counting for an election.
We finish the lecture with the addition and a glance to the natural integers set as a 'monoid' (properties of the addition in N).
The additional pdf file 'NaturalIntegers.pdf' get into the theory of natural integers, for those interested in improving their knowledge level.
Quiz 1: Adding and counting Integers
The section is concluded by a quiz, in order to strengthen what we learned together.
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