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Lecture 4: Subtraction and Negative Numbers
The subtraction of natural integers is illustrated and explored, which leads to negative numbers, in which we count in the reverse order. Both natural integers and negative numbers form the two-sides of the infinite relative integers line.
The additional pdf file 'RelativeIntegers.pdf' go deeper into the theory about the relative integers.
Quiz 2: Relative Integers Exploration
A quiz is given to impress the knowledges about the negative numbers.
Lecture 5: The Group of Relative Integers with Addition
The relative integers set 'Z' forms with the addition what is called a commutative group.
This fact is explored in Scilab before it is formally stated. An example of accounntacy is given as an application.
A pdf file 'ZplusGroup' is given as an additional material, where the rules about parentheses are detailed, and in which you get prepared for your first equations in the next lecture.
Quiz 3: The group of relative integers
That quiz gives strength to both the video course and the additional pdf file about the parentheses.
Lecture 6: More on addition and subtraction
We conclude this section which is about the addition and subtraction of integers with two additional tips.
We first explore our first equations, with examples managing numbers of different signs. These equations are further explained and proved in the 'FirstEquations.pdf' additional pdf file.
Then we recall the manual addition and subtraction, showing it in an example. The remainders mechanisms are generally explained and proved in the 'Remainder.pdf' additional pdf file.
Quiz 4: My first equations
In that quiz, you will solve your first equations progressively. It is recommended to read the additional pdf file 'FirstEquations.pdf' before you answer to the quiz.
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