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The section 4 is dedicated to Scilab 2D and 3D graphical capabilities, and to image display.
Lecture 14: 2D Graphics with Scilab
Scilab has great 2D graphical capabilities. We show them in that lecture, dedicated to the commands plot and xpoly. The different options are explained, to obtain professional looking curves. The sessions show two examples: a cosine and sinus drawing with application to Newton algorithm of Lecture 13, and an hyperbola drawing with a singularity processing.
Lecture 15: 3D Curves and Surfaces
Scilab is also capable of drawing a 3D curve, with the command param3D, or a surface with the command surf. The video shows examples of application of these commands, as well as the contour plot contour. All the commands are illustrated with examples of use in the video, and an attached pdf file sets in details how to define and draw real functions of one or two real variables.
Lecture 16: Draw an image with Scilab
We finish the section about drawing with image display. Images are given in the attached zip file, that you may load into Scilab environment and draw, in gray and as RGB color images, as explained in the video. A pdf file goes further into image drawing.
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