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Scilab tutorial, Section 5: Advanced Topics
Lecture 17: Structures, Lists and Cells, with an application on wavelets transform
These are advanced variable types, that allow to mix elements of different type in a unique variable. The structures and lists are illustrated in an application of signal compression based on a wavelet transform. The example comes from François Chaplais example, and is given in an attached zip file, that contains the signal to compress and the sources of the function library. The use of all of it is explained in the video.
Lecture 18: Scilab Use: Menus, Unix, Navigation
Let's make a pause to investigate the Scilab use features that we saw in the sessions of the previous lectures' videos. We first explain how it is possible that you have a different language than ours, as we are French and thus have a french Scilab interface. We geve an idea of what you may find if you have an English interface. Then we go into the menus, present the unix commands available from Scilab console, and show how to navigate in the left hand part of the Scilab window.
Lecture 19: Additional information: On Line Help, Matlab…
Before going into the Final Project in Lectures 20 and 21, we give additional information that may be useful to go further with Scilab. We show the On-Line help, in-built and on the web, inform you about the main differences with Matlab, but also the great similartity between those softwares, and give some other additional information.
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