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Scilab tutorial, Section 6: make an end
The section 6 is the final section. It is not the least, because it presents a great final project, about image compression with 2D wavelets.
Lecture 20: Final Project, Part 1: Grayscale image compression with wavelets transform
This course gives a glance to advanced applied mathematics, with an application of 2D wavelets transform to compression with very few lost of a grayscale image. The compression is of 10% ratio, and the wavelets transform of an image is economically represented by structures and lists in Scilab. The process is presented in the video, and images as well as sources of functions to realize it are given in the attached zip file.
Lecture 21: Final Project, Part 2: Color image compression with wavelets transform
We finish the course with the color images compression. The process is to compress the luminance channel as a grayscale image and the two chrominance channel another way, with a simpler process as the eye is not so sensitive to the color than to the luminance. All these processes relie on image converion from RGB to YCbCr and reversely. This is the basis of image processing.
Lecture 22: Good Bye: Now you may start programing with Scilab!
This is the last lecture, and the conclusion of a well documented course. When you arrive at that point, you are sufficiently familiar with Scilab to start programing your own numerical project, whatever it is…
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